While ben wa balls saw a huge increase in sales thanks in part to Fifty Shades of Grey, another lesser known sex toy has also seen a rise in sales – the nipple clamp. Just like ben wa balls, there are nipple clamps and nipple clips that are better suited for beginners. Once you get used to nipple play, your options open up to everything from the basic clothes pin all the way up to vibrating units! Let’s start with the basics, though!

fifty shades nipple clipsThe first thing you want to be sure when choosing out your first set of nipple clamps is that the strength of the clamp is adjustable. Many clamps and clips use two basic methods to control the pressure – screws and bands. Band styles are used in the Fifty Shades of Grey ‘The Pinch’ Adjustable Nipple Clamps, where the lower down the clip that you push the band, the tighter the pinch on the nipple. Screw styles like the Fetish Fantasy Alligator Clamps, you turn the screw to a length that prevents the clip from closing up any further. These let you control the pressure so that you are getting just the right amount for your needs. Angel’s Sex Toys has a large number of basic beginner nipple clamps to choose from that are ideal for those getting into nipple play for the first time.

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Ready to move on from the beginner’s nipple clamps? The more advanced styles of nipple toys turn up the volume when it comes to pain and pressure. But – there are a few that still let you dial in how much sensation you’re looking for. Nipple Presses remind me of a wine press – insert your nipple between two metal bars, and turn the screw to increase the pressure on your body. Nipple Sticks do have a sliding band that you can add more pressure, but often just the basic setting is strong enough for beginners! While there is still an element of control to these toys, the initial level of pain may be too much for some.

Then we get into the nipple clips that have zero pressure control at all. Japanese Clover Clamps are by far the most popular of this free form style of clamp and are relatively inexpensive in the world of advanced BDSM toys. Not only do they have direct pressure on the nipples, by pulling the base of Japanese clover clamps, you can actually increase the pain level. Talon Nipple Clamps have needle like prongs that come out from the base of the toy and grasp onto the nipple. This style of toy is best suited for those who are more into nipple torture rather than the basic nipple play.

When your basic nipple clip and nipple clamp isn’t enough, there are also styles that add a few other factors to your BDSM play – weighted nipple clamps, vibrating nipple clips, and even those with bells are available from Stockroom, along with all the other mid-level and advanced slips that we’ve mentioned. If you’re eager to learn more about clamp play, you can even pick up a book from the Introduction to the ToyBag Guide series called Clips and Clamps that will give you the run down on where to place them, how to add weights, and even the psychological elements behind nipple clips and clamps!

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